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Appzine Machine Vs. Competitor Chart


How Did I Find Out About Appzine Machine?

I looked around at different ways to bring a digital magazine to life, but one of the best teams behind this new trend is a company called AppClover. Staffed with experienced professionals with a vast knowledge on how to build applications, AppClover has experience to spare. This group knows how to make apps and how to make money marketing. They have a product I fell in love with call Appzine Machine that has helped me bring my dream to reality.

Features of Appzine Machine

Although this product is still technically in the Beta phase, there is so much that I can say. This isn’t just an application, but a full set of tools to publish and market a digital magazine. I’m getting a little ahead of myself so let me break down some of my favorite features.

Appzine Machine Features

What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) Interface

When putting a magazine together, the WYSIWYG editor is a dream. Although I’ve been trained in layout for magazines and newspapers, I’ve rarely seen a tool that is so easy and intuitive. The gents at AppClover have really looked at existing WYSIWYG editing tools and improved upon them. Dragging and dropping layouts and content into the Interface is a breeze. This works with copy as well, so I can just paste my latest edited product from my word processor right in to the program itself. What I see is truly what I get when creating a magazine. This gives me a great deal of comfort since I know my readers will not see weird effects from the conversion process.

“No Need to Speak Geek.”

The website states that a person doesn’t have to know obscure tips and tricks to use this program. I have a son that is a proud geek. He could sit and tell you why the parts in the computer and software work the way they do. I don’t care to know that, I just want my programs to work when I need them to work. The Appzine Machine makes this easy. I’m sure there are millions of computations going on under the hood, but there is no need for me to know. There truly is no reason for me to speak geek when using this application.

Customizable Layouts

There are times when I don’t want to spend time laying out anything. It is a part of making a magazine, but real life often derails my layout plans. The Appzine Machine has many different layouts that are easily customizable to my needs. The website for Appzine motions that professionals create these layouts and I believe it. What I see in here could be at home in any of the top digital magazines on the market. The folks at AppClover have gone all out making sure that even the beginner can use a great layout for their magazines.

The Downside

Although this application is easy to use, it does take a little bit of know how. With any piece of software, there is a learning curve. This one isn’t steep but it is there. Having a plan and a market for the magazine in mind also helps when creating a new “Appzine.” Studying up on the new app-driven trends should help offset this.

The AppClover Difference

The Appzine Machine is a great product and is helping me fulfill my dream. The folks at AppClover haven’t just created a great set of tools, but also throw in a little of their great marketing knowledge in to boot. Any person that wants to create a digital magazine will not go wrong in using this application.  I am impressed and recommend this application to any who want to get involved in digital magazine publishing.

Platform and Training Center

Platform and Training Center
Your training center is built right inside the platform itself. Cover everything from magazine setup, marketing, monetization, content creation, and exclusive interviews and webinars.

Community Built In

Post comments, talk to other publishers, strike up promotional deals. Also look at the gallery of other publishers magazines. Also links to contact them as well so you can get more exposure.

This platform will provide the easiest way to publish a mobile magazine that’s in the market right now.

Platform and Training Center
Appzine Machine will be opening door in a few weeks or so. You’ll have Instant Access To Digital Publishing Primer Trainer Program.

Resources, tools, and trainings on how to get properly started as a digital publisher, how to get content, how to get advertisers lined up, how to research your niche and the newsstand. And step by step magazine setup training and much much more.  You’ll gain access to weekly group Q&A webinars to get your questions answered.

Upon completion of Digital Publishing Primer trainer program. An opportunity to give us constant feedback, chance to give testimonials, and take part in case studies.

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We all know it’s impossible to turn back the hands of time, but if we pay close enough attention, we can learn from the past to help create the future we want.

Looking back, one of my biggest career regrets was to not stake my claim during the “dot com” days.

Truth be told, I woke up one day and found myself saying, “What just happened?”

Can you relate?

Well, here we are again, in the midst of what is to be the biggest shift of wealth in the history of our planet with this mobile revolution that’s happening right now!

And I thought I almost missed it again… until my friends sent me a powerful video about what’s REALLY going on in the mobile space and how easy it actually is to get involved… and I wanted to share this with you.

Appzine Machine - Confident In Your Future Prosperity?

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The best part is that you don’t need to be a developer or even be technically savvy to build your own sustainable turnkey mobile business.. and it works in every niche imaginable.

This means you can tap into this huge mobile opportunity by doing what you genuinely love.

At the very least, you should check out the video to see if this is the right way for you to dramatically change the course of your future, as it may be the start of the massive change you’ve been waiting for!

So check it out soon, as this is only going to be online for a few days.

You have to enter in your email address to watch it, but I guarantee you’ll be blown away.

PS – This is from some friends of mine over at Appzine Machine. You may not know them, but you probably know the people they’ve worked with… people like Richard Branson, Dr. Steven R. Covey, Greg Habstritt, Chris and Janet Attwood, Neale Donald Walsch, John Assaraf, Deepak Chopra and even the Dalai Lama himself. They show you it IS possible to get involved in the mobile space and make a great living at the same time… even if you don’t know anything about apps!

Watch This Life-Changing Video


The mobile space is quickly becoming the forefront of technology. With phones increasing in size and power, everyone can have a super computer in the pocket. Tablets are replacing laptops at an incredible clip. These devices are now the best choice for consuming the vast amount of internet data. For any business that wants to harness the power of mobile devices, marketing is the key. AppClover is great at this and is a company on the cutting edge. This company pushes forward, showing that the future is now.

Company Mission

AppClover’s mission is simple: Provide the best information and tools available in the mobile world. With that, the company and the website attached does a great job of fulfilling that mission. Here is what the company provides:

Help in initial planning of an App.
Developing the App.
Deploying the app in to the different marketplaces
Networking the company and app.
Monetizing the app.

One of the best features that AppClover provides is an insane amount of knowledge on Marketing. The rest of the services are nice and very helpful, yet the marketing knowledge provided is the best. The folks at AppClover have many years of experience with marketing and it shows. They will help any app developer systematically through the minefields of marketing, showing which steps are safe and which can be disastrous. Marketing is the key to actually getting money for an app and AppClover handles this well.

The Learning Company

The company is also good at providing the needed knowledge for those that want to use their services. On the webpage, there are tutorials that can be accessed by anyone. As a company starts to use AppClover’s services, even more bits of knowledge and insight are handed out. This is helpful for any company that really has no idea where to go, beyond the initial app inspiration. Often, AppClover seems to be more of a mentor than a company offering paid services. This isn’t a bad thing and helps teach companies how to stay in business in the long-term, instead of dying in a few years time. AppClover really is the learning company, one that app developers should look at if they want to expand their own knowledge about the industry as a whole.

Better Business Bureau

It is nice to see that AppClover has a high standing with one of the oldest consumer advocacy groups in existence. The BBB has been rating and reviewing companies since the early 1900’s. The rating system for the organization was revised a few years ago, with each company now rated from A+ to F. This classic grading system is a good way to see how a company is doing at a glance. AppClover has a rating of A+ and is an accredited company. Accreditation is proof that the company follows the strict standards set forth by the BBB. These standards are evident in all that AppClover does.

The website

One can’t mention the company without mentioning the AppClover website. This website is a portal for all the services that the company offers. It is a site that is laid out well, with easy navigation to the various parts. These areas include the blog, a section about the company, courses to help app developers become more knowledgeable, and a helpful free section. This is a good website not just for those looking for the services that AppClover offers, but also for those that are just interested in putting out an app in the mobile market. However, there are a few blemishes on an otherwise well presented website. Some of the links go to unexpected areas, there are many places that a person has to enter an email address to get the information, and it can be a little video heavy. However, these are minor quibbles in an otherwise excellent design.

The Difference

Although here are a few hiccups in the AppClover website, the company is a great business. The services offered are designed to help app developers in many different ways. The company is geared towards making money with the services, but also educating and helping those that are looking towards mobile devices as the future. AppClover is a great company that should be used. The founders have a lot of marketing and app building experience and can help bring the best to the creation of any app. The knowledge shared can be used by experienced and novice developers alike. This combination of industry savvy and a heart for the developer make AppClover a good company to work with.